The Government College of Art and Craft,Calcutta is previleged to have reputed people in the field as faculty.The following members are part of each specialisation offered.


Shri Pramathes Chandra, Associate Professor
( In Charge )
Shri Suman Kumar Pal (Mural), Associate Professor

Indian Painting

Shri Ratan Acharya, Assistant Professor( In Charge )

Modelling & Sculpture

Shri. Akhil Chandra Das, Assistant Professor( In Charge )

Graphic Design | Applied Art

Shri Gautam Das, Assistant Professor

Shri Deep Gobinda Chowdhury, Assistant Professor

Textile Design

Shri. Arun Pal, Assistant Professor

Smt.Nandini Chakraborty, Assistant Professor


Shri Chandan Das, Associate Professor ( In Charge )
Smt. Soma Das, Assistant Professor

Ceramic Art & Pottery

Shri. Swapan Kumar Jana, Assistant Professor

Design:Wood &Leather

Shri. Kiran Kumar Sen, Associate Professor ( In Charge )
Smt. Rupa Parida, Assistant Professor
Shri. Amit Debnath, Assistant Professor

History of Art

Smt. Mina Ghosh, Assistant Professor ( In Charge )
Shri. Sougata Das, Assistant Professor ( PTT )

Language & Literature

Dr. Swati Bhattacharya, Associate Professor


Dr. Shyam Sundar Kundu, Librarian