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Campus life

Campus Life
Campus and Culture Government College of Art and Craft, Calcutta (GCAC), is a co-educational college situated in a picturesque campus covering 1.58 acres of eco-friendly land in the heart of Kolkata (park street area). The location is well-connected by public transport: bus, taxi and metro. The landmarks of central Kolkata: Indian Museum, Asiatic Society, Victoria Memorial, Academy of Fine Arts, Rabindra Sadan, St Paul's Cathedral, Birla Planetarium, Maidan, Park Street and New Market all are in a walking distance. Art exhibitions, interactive workshops, cultural functions, film shows, social services, get-together and sports are the integral features of GCAC life. The Annual Exhibition & Annual Social of students and the Alumni day have become a winter fest in Kolkata since decades, for the artists and art-lovers. Life in GCAC is always remembered by the students, long after passing out with their professional degree. The sweet memories of being with creative work, entertainment, knowledge and the rare experience of meeting world-famous personalities at the same time, pull them back to this age-old campus. Some of them come back as teachers, some as dignitaries and the rest for their nostalgia. Some remain life-long friends and some, of course, tie their knots as life-partners. We have a Student's Union without any interference of political parties, a healthy feature, very rare in Kolkata campuses. We have an affordable canteen and a provisional art-material store too. The culture of GCAC campus is metropolitan with a fine tuning of Bengali lifestyle and moral values. It helps everybody to enrich their lives with an artistic taste and understanding that make a complete personality. Campus Code of Conduct
  • Students are expected to maintain cleanliness in the classrooms, studios, and the college premises. Strict action will be taken against anyone who wilfully damages college property. A class is liable to be punished collectively if the damage cannot be traced to any particular individual.
  • Picketing by a student or a group of students is regarded as a serious breach of college discipline.
  • Students must communicate any change in address immediately inform to the office.
  • Any work of art created by a student using raw material or equipment provided by the college will be the property of the college and cannot be claimed by the student as a matter of right. The Principal reserves the rights of their disposal.
  • Students are not allowed to use the office telephone, except in case of emergency.
  • Students are not allowed to remain in classrooms after working hours except with the permission of the Teacher-in-Charge of the department.
  • Students who want to appeal to the Principal on any account must address the Principal through the Teacher-in-Charge of their department.
Notice Against RaggingStudent's Union The office bearers of the student's union are elected every year. The General Secretary is selected from BFA (Part III).Read more Clubs and Societies A cine society of college students will be formed soon. Watch out for this space! Sports Day The sports day takes place one every year in the university grounds. Both teachers and students participate in various sports events. Excursions Besides the annual college excursion, educational excursions are often organized throughout the year at the departmental level. The annual exhibition of artworks done by students is organized every year around 22nd December to 1st January (approximate dates) in the college campus.   read more...